Oasis Christian Fellowship

- A place to meet with God

Our style of worship is contemporary. Some worship songs have been written by our worship band. In addition to these we sing songs from Hillsongs, Gateway Church (USA), New Creation Church (Singapore), plus songs by Chris Tomlin, Matt Redman and many other gifted songwriters.

It is the privilege and the duty of all who have met God to worship and adore Him. Proper worship engages both our mind and our heart, and it cultivates a balanced sense of awe and intimacy in our approach to God. Our worship style should be culturally relevant while remaining theologically pure. We worship God together by uniting in worship weekly and individually by cultivating a love relationship with Him daily.”

Please click on the You Tube links to listen to a few of the songs that we sing in the Oasis.

Hillsong - Calvary

God So Loved

10.000 Reasons

Goodness of God